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W H O  A R E  W E ?

A unique, custom-graphic design company creating custom party packages to help you make your perfect occasion memorable.

Perhaps it was my love for crafting mixed with my undying devotion to graphic design (the career I'd worked so long and hard for) that made me wonder... how I can create beautiful & fun graphic design while still being mom? Realizing that my commercial design job was put aside to raise two beautiful children, I decided to go back to what I truly loved and was passionate about... and dedicated my graphic skills to creating fabulous design. And so, Jenette Shelley Design was born.

It has been my dream to create a place where I could help people plan an easy, fun and unforgettable party on a budget!


Printables are designs that are created for you to print. Our printables can be used for parties, decoration, invitations, card making, or just scrapbooking… anything you can think to create, Jenette Shelley Design can help.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

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