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🌳Earth Day is April 22 | Here are 4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day That Actually Make a Difference By Emily VanSchmus | Updated on March 1, 2022

01of 04 | Get Involved : One of the most fitting things you can do on Earth Day is to volunteer with an organization that actually helps the earth. Many communities plant trees or clean up local parks in honor of the holiday. If you're not sure where to start, use VolunteerMatch to find a volunteer opportunity in your area: The site allows you to filter by type of activity and by keyword, so it's easy to find an Earth Day project near you. 02of 04 | Make Reusable Products This holiday is a time to learn about sustainability and start implementing new routines. This Earth Day, celebrate in a way that will help you carry out the vision all year: Make your own beeswax food wraps so you can ditch plastic wrap for good, or get out the sewing supplies and make your own zero-waste sponges out of thrifted or upcycled fabric. If you really feel like committing to a sustainable routine, you can also make your own reusable paper towels and commit to not buying any more of the paper version. 03of 04 | Pick Up Plastic If group events aren't your thing, you can still get involved in nature. Stroll through a park or find a local walking path and take a bag with you. Pick up all the trash and plastic you see on your walk (be sure to wear gloves for protection, and don't handle broken glass with your hands) then recycle what you can when you get home. 04of 04 | Raise Money Sometimes it feels like we can't make much of an impact from our corner of the world, but every little bit helps. This year, do some research and choose an environmental charity to support (if you're not sure where to start, sources like Giving Green and ImpactMatters can help you decide). Hold a fundraiser either in person or online, then donate the funds to your chosen cause.


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