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February 2, 2023 is National Bubble Gum Day & Kids Learn The Power of Charity!

Children’s book author Ruth Spiro came up with the idea of National Bubble Gum Day as a way for kids to raise money for school activities without having to sell anything. On February 2nd, kids can “buy” the usually forbidden privilege of chewing gum in class if they make a donation of 50 cents. While there might be some distractions in class — like smacking and bubble-blowing — kids learn about the value of charity and schools make a little money for the causes they support. Oh, and kids also get one day to break the classic “no-gum” rule. Want to know more about National Bubble Gum Day? (ARTICLE FROM @RuthSpiro @jsdprintables #etsy #nationalbubblegumday #bubblegum #gum #charity

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