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Happy Fall! September 23, 2023

Summer has slipped away. Hope you enjoyed the season. This year’s fall equinox arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on September 23.


It kicks off the holiday season From Jack O'Lanterns, Halloween and decorative gourds to Sunday afternoon football and Thanksgiving; the holiday season officially starts with the coming of fall. Once those first Halloween decorations go up, your house probably won’t look the same until after the New Year. Get used to it.

Pumpkin This & Pumpkin That

It started innocently enough. A simple, sweet coffee drink that went well with the falling temperatures. But now, the Pumpkin-Spiced Latte has spawned a cottage industry of pumpkin-spiced foods, from beers and breads to cocktails and savory meals. Its arrival is arguably even more awaited than the equinox itself, and for many, the combo of pumpkins and spice reminds us that fall has arrived

It’s Cozy After a long summer of travel and adventures, sometimes there's nothing better than chilling inside on the couch all day. These are perfect fall days.

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