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9-14-2023 | It's National Coloring Day. Let your imagination fly into a colorful world!

What Is National Coloring Day?

Many of us may be unfamiliar with National Coloring Day, a special day to celebrate coloring. September 14 is universally recognized as National Coloring Day, when people can take a moment to relax, breathe, and color away. This day was first instituted in 2015 by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, also known as the Queen of Holidays. In her words, this day is all about “adding a splash of color to your life.”

This is not to be confused with National Coloring Book Day in August, which focuses specifically on coloring books.

National Coloring Day encompasses the whole world of color, ranging from different coloring mediums to all the different ways colorists and artists find to celebrate color, whether through watercoloring, coloring with alcohol markers, or shading with coloring pencils.

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